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Tokyo Revengers chapter 216

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Tokyo Revengers chapter 216 spoiler prediction, chapter 215 summary: After joining Brahma, Takemichi unexpectedly goes on a date with the Senju chief. Things are even more surprising when Takemichi finds out that Senju is a girl, even younger than him! What will their date reveal?

Summary spoiler Tokyo Revergers 215

After hearing Draken reveal the fact that he is a member of Brahma, Takemichi and Inui are brought back to the shop. Inui says he’s worried about Draken because instead of being a racing gang, Brahma is more like a yakuza. There were a lot of bad rumors about them so Inui advised Takemichi to be careful.

Outside, Takemichi sees Draken shouting at Akashi. Former Prime Minister Toman said:

If you drag Takemichi into this mess, Tao will never forgive you! Don’t let the former Toman members get in the way of this!

Takemichi heard that and asked Draken. At this time, Senju appeared. He said that Draken wanted to pull Mikey out of the evil world, so he joined Brahma. Akashi also said that he admires Toman a lot, but Kanto Manji is different. Mikey is now like a “villain” so Brahma will be the one to defeat him. Having heard Takemichi’s determination, Senju said that Brahma was very welcome to join him.

Draken refused to allow it. However, after thinking more deeply, Takemichi decided to become a member of Brahma! Akashi reassured Drake that they only wanted to stop Kanto Manji and not fight Mikey, so Brahma needed the two cards closest to Mikey, Draken and Takemichi, to appear. With no way back, Draken shook Takemichi’s hand, welcoming his friend to the front line.

The Senju then gave the umbrella to Takemichi and told him that from now on he would be Senju’s “minister”. Minister Senju scheduled a meeting with Takemichi at 3pm the next day in Harajuku.

Arriving at the rendezvous point, Takemichi sees Senju…in a female uniform! “He” has breasts too! Senju is a girl? Tokyo Revengers chapter 215 ends here!

Tokyo Revergers Chapter 216 spoiler prediction

After more than 200 chapters full of boys punching each other, Tokyo Revengers will officially have a female character join the fight. Although the willow looks weak, Senju once kicked Terano down, so this girl cannot be underestimated! In the next chapter, we will learn more about Senju through her date with Takemichi. The protagonist will also take this opportunity to learn more about Senju’s motives. What would happen if Hinata knew about it? Maybe in the next chapter, Takemichi will be caught by Hinata (or her friends).

Regarding Senju’s identity, Lag predicted that she was once a student at Mikey’s dojo. We can see that her fighting style is very similar to Mikey’s so this is entirely possible. Through the uniform, it seems that Senju is still in middle school (a sailor uniform is usually for middle school students in Japan), so it can be guessed that she is 1-2 years younger than Takemichi. To analyze this character, Lag will have a complete analysis, so be sure to watch it.

From what Akashi said, he doesn’t seem to be a bad person and he is also very loyal to the Senju now. However, Akashi is a future member of Brahma, and Senju is nowhere to be seen. Is this character hiding something? It is possible that in the previous timeline (without Takemichi’s help) Akashi didn’t get his wish, so he had to join Brahma to do it. Most likely that wish of Akashi has something to do with Senju.

Tokyo Revergers Chapter 216 Release Time

Tokyo Revengers chapter 216 is scheduled to be released on July 28 .


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