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Tokyo Revengers chapter 215

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Tokyo Revengers chapter 215 spoiler prediction, chapter 214 summary: After the confrontation was forced to break up due to police intervention, Draken confessed to Takemichi that he has now joined Brahma. What is the reason for this? What will happen next? Let’s see Lag’s prediction!

Tokyo Revergers 214 spoiler summary

The beginning of the chapter is an image of long lines of cars being congested due to the confrontation between Rokuhara Tandai and Brahma. Draken, who was fully awake after being beaten, stood next to Takemichi. Drakne says that neither he nor Takemichi will follow anyone’s orders. 

As for Takemichi, he briefly thought about what had happened in the future and then announced to everyone:

I have no interest in Brahma or Rokuhara Tandai. I just want to destroy Kanto Manji and bring down Mikey!

Terano stepped forward intending to hit Takemichi. Draken lunges forward, punching his opponent. Terano couldn’t stand it, so he was thrown away. The two exchanged a few sentences before the police arrived.

The war then temporarily ceased. Akashi ordered the Brahma gang to retreat on Senju’s orders. Rokuhara Tandai also quickly retreated. Draken then drove Takemichi away. In one scene, Draken tells Takemichi that he will now become a member of Brahma. The reason for this has not yet been revealed.

Tokyo Revergers Chapter 215

Based on what happened, it can be assumed that Draken’s joining of Brahma is something that hasn’t been revealed to the public. Maybe Draken just joined recently to fulfill a purpose. Draken knows that Brahma is the first Black Dragon, is he also acting on his own to find a way to approach Mikey? The answer will probably be revealed in the coming developments.

After learning that Brahma has a lot to do with Mikey, Takemichi will actively find a way to meet and exchange with Akashi and Senju. Thanks to Draken’s support, this shouldn’t be much of a problem. After talking, maybe Takemichi will agree to join Brahma or he will find his own way by forming another gang.

In the following chapters, Takemichi will also find out more information about Mikey and then try to find him in the hopes of getting Mikey to change his mind. This of course won’t go anywhere, but more or less helps Takemichi find a solution to everything.

Kazutora used to be a character that greatly helped Takemichi in the future. It’s been two years, will he be released? If so, surely Kazutora will be the main character’s reliable comrade, accompanying him on his upcoming journey.

Tokyo Revergers Chapter 215 Release Time

Tokyo Revengers chapter 215 is scheduled to be released on July 21


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