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Tokyo Revengers chapter 208 spoiler prediction: What happened in Takemichi’s 2 years of absence

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Tokyo Revengers chapter 208 spoiler prediction, chapter 207 summary: After going back in time, Takemichi meets Chifuyu and hears his partner explain what happened in the past 2 years. Determined to save Chief Mikey from a dark future, Takemichi will...? Summary of Tokyo Revergers chapter 207 Takemichi showed a surprised expression as he now returned to the past 10 years ago, when he was already in high school. At this time, Takemichi is still friends with the old group of friends and has a new friend, Hakkai. Surprised by the changes, Takemichi goes to find Chifuyu. He revealed everything to his friend, saying that this time "I'll be the one to save Mikey". In another development, we see Kokonui Hajime and Sanzu Haruchiyo and many other characters of Kantou Manji (???) standing in the mi...

Spoiler Black Clover chap 294: Dante goes to the bush, Noelle and Gaja face off…Lolopechika?

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The latest, most accurate spoiler information and all you need to know about Black Clover chapter 294. Black Clover chapter 294 opens with Asta celebrating Magna's surprise victory over Dante. Captain Jack, after observing them all, also said: I have seen some very interesting things. Jack used to think it was unacceptable for the lower classes to become magic knights. However, after being saved by Magna, Jack had new thoughts. The party then proceeds to the next room, not noticing that Dante is still alive. He recovered and revealed his ugly form. Jack was the only one who noticed. He turned and delivered the finishing blow. The leader of the Dark Triad is officially on the counting board. In one scene, we see hundreds of demons constantly pouring out from Morris. The story continues wi...

Spoiler Jujutsu Kaisen chap 150: Maki slashed the Zenin clan, 1vs1 deal with Naoya

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The latest, most accurate spoiler information and all you need to know about Jujutsu Kaisen - The War of War chapter 150. will update new details as soon as possible. Title Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 150: Perfect Preparation, Part 3. The cover art of the chapter is Maki and Mai holding hands and running on the beach.. After killing her father with her own hands, Maki continued to go up and kill the Zenin clan castles. She said that: You will kill them all. We will slit their throats. Ougi's death caused the Zenin clan to become even more chaotic. Jinichi encounters Maki. he tries to stop Maki but is quickly killed by her with a new skill. Maki is approaching Naoya's place. In the final developments, Maki confronts Naoya. Both sides are ready for a one-on-one battle! Jujutsu Kaisen ch...

Dragon Ball Super chap 73 spoiler prediction: Granola defeats Goku, encounters Vegeta.

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Dragon Ball Super chapter 73 spoiler prediction, chapter 72 summary: While Goku and Granola quarrel, Vegeta plays the role of a detective to find out the identity of the Strongest Warrior in the Universe. In the next chapter, what truth will Vegeta reveal? Will he have a chance to fight Granola instead of Goku? Summary of Dragon Ball Super chapter 72 In the previous chapter, after hearing Macki's lying plea, Goku and Vegeta agreed to go and destroy the evil that was causing chaos in Cereal. After many days of traveling, the group finally reached their destination. Macki points to the distant mountain where Granola lives and tells Goku - Vegeta to hurry there and chase him away "before he causes bad things". Having a trusting nature, Goku and Vegeta leave immediately. Macki sneered. Gas p...