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Kengan Omega Chapter 112 spoiler prediction: Flashback to the past, Liu repels Nitoku!

Kengan Omega
Kengan Omega chapter 112 spoiler prediction, chapter 111 summary: After being crushed by Nitoku, Liu will reminisce about the past and counterattack! Will Purgatory Gladiators fall first or will Kengan writers be pushed back? Summary of Kengan Omega chapter 111 Immediately after receiving Nitoku's punch, Liu quickly dodged the blow. Nitoku didn't flinch. He pulled Liu's hand and threw him to the ground. Liu looked extremely pained. He tried to take a deep breath, regain his concentration and stood up as soon as the referee counted the 9th. Dai Xa realized that the person standing in front of him was no ordinary person! Nitoku continued to attack. Just like the first time, Liu redirected the attack and punched the opponent in the face. Worthy of the title of the King of Aggression, Nitok...

Kengan Omega chapter 111 spoiler prediction: Great Serpent Liu Dongcheng counterattack

Kengan Omega
Kengan Omega chapter 111 spoiler prediction, chapter 110 summary Summary of Kengan Omega chapter 110 Next matchup: Nitoku VS Liu Dongcheng (Liu Dongcheng). Keeping true to Kengan's identity, before the match begins are the gladiator evaluations. Ouma judged that Liu was no ordinary person. After going crazy over Naidan's death, Liu is now extremely calm as he enters the match. He is a true fighter. Seeing the opponent, Liu and even Nitoku battled each other for several frames of the story. Both showed great will to win. The referee announced the start of the match immediately afterwards. Liu entered combat mode. The "commentators" gossip about Liu's stance (takes a few more frames). Nitoku quietly raised his hand, opening the match with a long throw. Liu observed and made a judgment on ...

Kengan Omega chapter 110 spoiler prediction: Nitoku VS Liu, the winner will be…?

Kengan Omega
Kengan Omega chapter 110 spoiler prediction, chapter 109 summary: After the match between Akoya and Nicolas is canceled, Nitoku will be Kengan's next representative. On the side of Purgatory, Liu Dongcheng also volunteered to go to the top. Who will be the winner in the end? Summary of Kengan Omega chapter 109 Before the unpredictable development of the match Akoya - NIColas, Milk Fang Rihito and God Slayer Carlos also rushed to the ring. At this moment, King was standing between two gladiators, threatening to force both sides to stop fighting. Nicolas and Akoya disagree. Both rush to attack King! King easily knocked Akoya up, swinging his fist and knocking Nicolas back in an instant. From behind King, Ouma also stepped onto the floor to prevent the incident from going any further. Foll...

Prediction for spoiler Kengan Omega chap 107: Real Nicolas vs fake Nicolas

Kengan Omega
Prediction for spoiler Kengan Omega chap 107, summary of chapter 106 content: With the fantasy about the death of real Nicolas, we will have the answer to the question why Jean took the identity of Nicolas as a fighter for Purgatory : Is Nicolas really the centipede? Summary of content Kengan Omega chapter 106 Continuing the previous chapter, Rin confirmed to the two boxers that Nicolas was fighting was not someone they knew. She guessed that he was probably the one that Centipede had inserted into Purgatory. Back in the game, Akoya begins to understand what "poison" is of Nicolas. By hitting nerves, Nicolas can paralyze a part of the opponent's body. The paralysis will last 10-40 seconds. Taking advantage of his advantage, Nicolas continued to attack. At this point, Akoya lost feeling i...