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Spoiler Dragon Ball Super chap 72 and 7 pages manuscript: Granola VS Goku – Vegeta

Giải Trí
The latest spoiler and 7 pages of Dragon Ball Super chap 72: Granola meets Goku and Vegeta! In the previous chapter, after hearing Macki's deceitful request, Goku and Vegeta agreed to go and destroy the villain who is causing the commotion Cereal. After days of traveling the group finally reached their destination. Macki points to the distant mountain where Granola lives and tells Goku - Vegeta to hurry up and chase him away "before he does anything bad". By nature, Goku and Vegeta leave. Macki chuckles. Gas pulled out the dragon ball radar, and began to proceed with the plan assigned by the leader of the Heeter. On his spaceship, Elec chatted with Oil, reminding him of his plan. The story then goes back to Goku and Vegeta. The two were flying in the sky in the direction Macki pointed...