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One Piece chap 1017 spoiler prediction: The samurai army rises! God Usopp “cut the wind”

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One Piece chapter 1017 spoiler prediction, chapter 1016 summary: Thanks to Usopp's support, Tama will give a "presentation" calling for Gifters and Treasures to rise up at the same time! Meanwhile, the battle between Yamato and Kaido atop Onigashima is slowly reaching its climax! Summary of One Piece Chapter 1016 Title One Piece chap 1016: Here Tama!!. The cover of the story shows the ninja Zoro and the cat ninja hiding in the attic and dodging the spears from below. The story chapter opens with a picture in Hoa Do. Hitetsu is walking during the festival with Toko and explains about the "fire festival" - the festival for the dead. Toko asks if her father can participate, to which Hitetsu replies yes, that Yasuie is watching over them and Wano's future. According to CP0's statistics, the ...

One Piece chap 1015 spoiler : Zou to Wano, Yamato VS Kaido!

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One Piece chap 1015 spoiler prediction, chapter 1014 summary: Momonosuke is currently being chased by Kaido without anyone protecting him. Will Yamato return in time to save Oden's son? Next Chapter: Yamato VS Kaido! Summary of One Piece episode 1014 Title One Piece chapter 1014: Acting career of an actor. Luffy fell into the sea while Kaido was watching. In the flashback scene, Luffy was fighting Gomu Gomu No when he ran out of Haki, so he lost the battle. Kaido says: Obviously, you can't be Joy Boy either... Bao Huang informs Kaido that Momonosuke has been found. Kaidou tells Bao Huang to inform all of Onigashima that Luffy has failed. On Yamato's side, she was continuing to advance on the roof while fighting Kaido's subordinates. Looks like she... completely failed to trick Bao Huang ...

Tokyo Revengers chapter 208 spoiler prediction: What happened in Takemichi’s 2 years of absence

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Tokyo Revengers chapter 208 spoiler prediction, chapter 207 summary: After going back in time, Takemichi meets Chifuyu and hears his partner explain what happened in the past 2 years. Determined to save Chief Mikey from a dark future, Takemichi will...? Summary of Tokyo Revergers chapter 207 Takemichi showed a surprised expression as he now returned to the past 10 years ago, when he was already in high school. At this time, Takemichi is still friends with the old group of friends and has a new friend, Hakkai. Surprised by the changes, Takemichi goes to find Chifuyu. He revealed everything to his friend, saying that this time "I'll be the one to save Mikey". In another development, we see Kokonui Hajime and Sanzu Haruchiyo and many other characters of Kantou Manji (???) standing in the mi...