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Spoiler Black Clover Chapter 267: Mother Asta Appears? The identity of the devil inside Asta reveals!

Giải Trí
  Black Clover 267's latest spoiler, the most accurate one. Continuing from the previous chapter, the devil inside Asta will confront him. Nacht states that Asta has two days to defeat the demon and establish a contract of strength with him. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The war has just started, the devil has surprised Asta. He easily summoned the Demon Slayer from within Asta's demon letter. The devil rushed to attack. He said: "There is no way for you to win this match". Unarmed and one-armed, Asta has no way of countering but dodging. In the midst of the battle, he began to see many images of the origin of the devil throughout the strange room. Nacht also told Asta many more things about them. Nacht said that Asta s...

Prediction for spoiler Black Clover Chapter 267: Asta VS Devil. The secret of the pentagram is revealed

Giải Trí
Prediction for Black Clover Chapter 267 spoiler, plot summary 266: With the power of the Nacht, Asta was confronted with the devil inside her. Can you defeat him and become stronger? Summary of content Black Clover chapter 266 The story continues with the situation at the meeting between the captains. The Nacht's plan had been approved, what they needed to do now was gather the most powerful knights. Julius contacted Gadjah of Heart Kingdom. His power is undisputed so it is essential for the upcoming attack. After understanding the situation, Gadjah agreed to participate. He desperately wants to rescue Lolopechika and take revenge on the Dark Triad. Charlotte is also extremely impatient. She is determined to do her best to save Yami. The battle with Spade Kingdom is becoming the bigg