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Spoiler Solo Leveling chap 149 True to Jin Woo's suspicions, his father was someone who received the power of "Ruler". However, he is not the one who killed Christopher, he is only trying to protect his son and track down the emperors. Soon, he will appear again and join Jin Woo with the 3 Emperors. Before this happens, we will come up with some tragedy. After Christopher, the Emperors continued to hunt down those who borrowed their strength from another "Ruler". That person was none other than Go Gun Hee. Even though he took a precaution by putting a summon on Gun Hee's shadow, Jin Woo still couldn't save the chairman from the Ice Emperor's claw. Aside from Go Gun Hee, Brazill's strongest hunter, another power borrower was also quickly killed. These deaths caused Jin Woo to realize his ...


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Solo Leveling Chapter 148 Will be Available Soon Stay Tuned and let us know your Thoughts. Spoiler Solo Leveling chap 148 In the next chapter, the conference will provide information about the assassination of the hunter Reed. publishes information about Jin Woo's father as well as the issue of the giant gateways that are popping up everywhere. Jin Woo's confrontation with Scarvenger may be hidden to keep the hunter's peace with the United States. With the upcoming developments, Jin Woo will speak up to solve the problems by himself. He will also declare to the world that he will be ready to do anything if anyone dares to touch his loved ones. Release time Solo Leveling chapter 148 Solo Leveling chap 146 is scheduled to release on...

Spoiler Solo Leveling chap 147: Jin Woo hits the head straight, defeating the national hunter Thomas

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Spoiler Solo Leveling chapter 147, chapter 146 summary: Using the power of the "Ruler", Thomas transformed into his ultimate fighting form. Even so, that is nothing before the strength of Jin Woo. Summary of Solo Leveling chapter 146 Before entering the "killer", Thomas warned Jin Woo, allowing him to think again. Jin Woo, out of anger, immediately ... raised his middle finger at Thomas's face. With no way to back off, both sides rushed forward! Being a well-trained team, the Scarvenger guild quickly set up the squad. Thomas lunged at the enemy alone, blowing away any summons that blocked him in front of him. Tusk and Iron got in the way and got one punched by Thomas as well. After a moment of struggle, the leaders of the two sides met. Jin Woo immediately moved into Thomas's dead cor