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Prediction for Black Clover Chapter 271: The power of the Nacht and the “bowl of porridge” for Asta

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Prediction for Black Clover chapter 271, summary of chapter 270: Asta and Liebe make a successful contract based on cooperation. Next, they will have to face off against Nacht, who has just "recharged" and possesses a cool and powerful demon armor! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Summary of Black Clover chapter 271 After several chapters of flashbacks and battles, Asta won against Ribe (now known as Liebe). Nacht used a chained spell to bind Liebe. This, he says, will make Liebe obey all Asta's orders. Asta disagrees with this approach. You want to be friends with Liebe and fight together as comrades, not my master. Asta said: "We have been together for a long time but I don't know much about him yet. I want to get to know him bett...

Spoiler Prediction Black Clover Chapter 270: Asta forges a contract with Ribe and continues to train with Nacht

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Predictions for Black Clover Chapter 270, chapter 269 summary: Although unable to use magic, Asta still overwhelms Ribe with her experience. Will Asta achieve a contract and join Ribe against the Dark Triad? Summary of Black Clover Chapter 269 After reminiscing about the past, Ribe revealed his desire to destroy his demons and continued to fight Asta. Asta dodged the attack, then ... punched Ribe hard on the cheek (but told not to hit). He said that he would win with this body. Ribe then summons all the swords within the demon letter, including Yami's. Fortunately, Asta was able to grab the sword and use it against Ribe. After that, we learn more about Ribe's time inside the demon letter. With resentment towards the devil, Ribe gradually formed anti-magic. However, Ribe still cannot

Prediction for Black Clover Chapter 269 spoiler: Asta understands Liebe, team up to take revenge on Lucifero

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Prediction for Black Clover Chapter 269, chapter 268 summary: The traumatic past of Liebe and Asta's mother has been revealed. Confronted with the devil filled with hatred, what will Asta do to make Liebe an ally? Summary of content Black Clover Chapter 268 Black Clover Chapter 268 is a story about the evil past within Asta (referred to as the devil). In the demon world, the demons are clearly decentralized based on their strength. Because without magic, demons are always brutally beaten and beaten. One day, due to the power of a high-class devil, the demon was brought to the human world. Because of its terrifying appearance, humans always shun it, even attacking the devil even though he is just a child. One time, the demon was saved by a strange woman named Ricita. Ricita brought th

Prediction for spoiler Black Clover Chapter 267: Asta VS Devil. The secret of the pentagram is revealed

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Prediction for Black Clover Chapter 267 spoiler, plot summary 266: With the power of the Nacht, Asta was confronted with the devil inside her. Can you defeat him and become stronger? Summary of content Black Clover chapter 266 The story continues with the situation at the meeting between the captains. The Nacht's plan had been approved, what they needed to do now was gather the most powerful knights. Julius contacted Gadjah of Heart Kingdom. His power is undisputed so it is essential for the upcoming attack. After understanding the situation, Gadjah agreed to participate. He desperately wants to rescue Lolopechika and take revenge on the Dark Triad. Charlotte is also extremely impatient. She is determined to do her best to save Yami. The battle with Spade Kingdom is becoming the bigg