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Spoiler Tokyo Revengers episode 7: Mikey defeats Osanai, declaring Moebius the age of shrimp!

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Spoiler Tokyo Revengers episode 7, episode 6 summary: Despite Takemichi’s disapproval, Mikey and Toman will still confront Moebius as planned. What will Takemichi do to make sure Draken doesn’t die?

Summary of Tokyo Revergers episode 6

The 6th episode of Tokyo Revengers begins with the story of Draken’s past when he was in 5th grade. Growing up in an environment that smelled of “lubricant” Draken grew up very early. His strength also made many peers respect him.

After becoming a “tattooed boy”, Draken began to build his own reputation. This was also when Draken learned of Mikey’s reputation. When they first met, Draken was extremely surprised by Mikey’s tiny appearance. However, Draken’s eyes were widened when he saw Mikey’s fighting ability. The two later became friends.

Back in the future, Takemichi and Naoto go to find Osanai, the leader of Moebius, to find out information. Osanai was afraid to say that everything was for “that person” to plan. Without too much information, Takemichi intends to return to the past and find a way to stop the confrontation between Toman and Moebius.

Takemichi goes to see Mikey’s group. He begged Mikey to think twice and stop fighting with Moebius. Mikey of course disagrees, and Draken seems to believe in Takemichi’s sincerity. Toman’s two leaders clashed. Just when the atmosphere became most oppressive, Osanai and 50 Moebius brothers appeared to declare war on Toman.

Spoiler Tokyo Revengers episode 7

Moebius pulled the ice quite a lot but the next episode won’t be a melee. To avenge his friend, pachin will love him for a solo match with Osanai. Of course, Pachin failed miserably in this confrontation.

Mikey then replaced his friend in battle. With just one kick, Mikey knocked Osanai down, loudly declaring that:

As long as this Mikey remains, Toman never loses!

Moebius then withdrew. Mikey and Toman then decided to confront Moebius. Takemichi had no choice but to go back to find Draken to make sure he wouldn’t die.

Tokyo Revergers episode 7 premiere time

Tokyo Revengers episode 7 is scheduled to air on May 23.


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