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Spoiler Solo Leveling chap 147: Jin Woo hits the head straight, defeating the national hunter Thomas

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Spoiler Solo Leveling chapter 147, chapter 146 summary: Using the power of the “Ruler”, Thomas transformed into his ultimate fighting form. Even so, that is nothing before the strength of Jin Woo.

Summary of Solo Leveling chapter 146

Before entering the “killer”, Thomas warned Jin Woo, allowing him to think again. Jin Woo, out of anger, immediately … raised his middle finger at Thomas’s face. With no way to back off, both sides rushed forward!

Being a well-trained team, the Scarvenger guild quickly set up the squad. Thomas lunged at the enemy alone, blowing away any summons that blocked him in front of him. Tusk and Iron got in the way and got one punched by Thomas as well.

After a moment of struggle, the leaders of the two sides met. Jin Woo immediately moved into Thomas’s dead corner, swinging his sword at his back. As expected of a national hunter, the blade was completely blocked by Thomas’s steel-like body. The American hunter countered, knocking Jin Woo away. Then, Thomas used a skill quite similar to “the hand of the ruler” pulling Jin Woo back. Jin Woo did the same thing, trying to push Thomas to the ground.

Taking advantage of the traction, Jin Woo approached and punched Thomas. Overcoming victorious, Jin Woo threw a punch. Thomas activated a special skill “enhancement”. His body gradually transformed into another form. Jin Woo recognized Thomas as one of the hunters who received the power of “Ruler”.

Thomas uses his “capture” skill to suck in all the surrounding summons. The whole battlefield of several hundred people momentarily left only Jin Woo and Thomas. Solo Leveling chapter 146 ends here.

Spoiler Solo Leveling chap 147

A few chapters ago, we saw Christopher transforming like Thomas, proving that he also received power from the “Ruler”. This is the reason why the Emperors attacked Christopher. In addition to the two American hunters, Jin Woo’s father and President Go Gun Hee also received this power.

Despite his transformation and considerable strength, Thomas will still hold onions in front of Jin Woo in the next chapter. No need to restrain anymore, Jin Woo will now use all his strength to punch Thomas. Even as “the world’s strongest man”, Thomas is still helpless before Jin Woo’s extraordinary physical strength.

Jin Woo’s rage really stopped when the entire Scarvenger assembly was gone and Thomas agreed to send the best healer to treat Jin Ho. All resentment ends. Jin Woo took care of Jin Ho and waited for the day of the event.

Release time Solo Leveling chapter 147

Solo Leveling chap 146 is scheduled to release on April 14 . Spoiler information will be updated as soon as possible.


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