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Spoiler Prediction Tokyo Revengers chap 206: Side story of Mucho and Sanzu’s past

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Spoiler Prediction Tokyo Revengers chap 206, chapter 205 summary: After the touching side story about the Kisaki – Hanma couple, we will be coming to another side story about Mucho and Sanzu.

Summary of content Tokyo Revengers chap 205

Title Tokyo Revengers chap 205: The picaresque.

According to the author’s announcement at the end of chapter 204, Tokyo Revengers 205 is a special extra story about characters Hanma and Kisaki. This chapter takes place in the past when two characters begin to travel together until Kisaki’s death.

Hanma meets with Kisaki for the first time again with Moebius. Just seeing Hanma, Kisaki called him “Shinigami”. Some time later, Hanma becomes a powerful henchman for Kisaki. To Hanma, the time spent with Kisaki was the happiest series of days, “like a festival”. Together, the two cause a lot of storms for the Toman gang, leading to tragedy for many characters.

Despite being treated like a tool, Hanma still chose to stay with Kisaki. This made Kisaki very curious.

Why are you following me?

I will answer that when you die.

As time passed, the relationship between Hanma and Kisaki became closer and closer. They always act in harmony with each other and are always a reliable support for their friends.

And then what will also come. Takemichi resolves the incident with Thien Truc, causing all Kisaki’s plans to fall apart, and at the same time leading to the death of the villain. Hanma watched her friend pass away in pain.

In the final developments, Hanma appeared in front of Kisaki’s grave in 2008. He placed a can of stele on the tomb and said:

Kisaki, how are you. I have come here, as we promised. So now … let’s talk about “Shinigami” and “clown”.

The above line seems to be a reference to Kisaki and Hanma themselves. Tokyo Revengers chap 205 ends here.

Prediction for spoiler Tokyo Revengers chap 206

According to the author, chapter 206 will be a side story about Mucho and Sanzu. Why are these two characters? While Mucho and Sanzu in previous stories have been rather fuzzy, they are likely to play an important role both in the timeline that follow. Maybe after returning to the past (when he was in high school), Takemichi will meet these two characters, thereby discovering the story behind Pham Thien.

Thus, to support this prediction, the side story about Sanzu and Mucho may be similar to chapter 205 in order to develop the relationship between the two characters. Also, another possibility is that we will come to their story after the battle between Thiên Trúc and Toman is over. In general, the purpose of the side story is to provide a clearer story about these two supporting characters.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 206 debut time

Tokyo Revengers is scheduled to release on May 19 .


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