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Solo Leveling chapter 158

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Spoiler Solo Leveling chapter 158, chapter 157 summary: Despite his best efforts, Thomas still couldn’t hurt the Beast Emperor. Hunter Renat also joined the battle. This is an opportunity for Jin Woo to have more time to return to Seoul and stop the clutches of the Emperor.

Solo Leveling Chapter 157 summary

The chapter begins with a few pages summarizing the situation in Seoul. Hunter Choi Jong In was present to assist in the protection and evacuation of the people. Right after that, we come to Thomas’s battle with the Beast Emperor.

At the beginning of the fight, Thomas threw a punch to fly the Beast. Immediately, the Beast flew back and stabbed Thomas with its head. Worthy of the “strongest tanker”, Thomas still stands. The American Hunter then hugged the Beast and unleashed a powerful Smack Down. The Beast swung his leg and kicked Thomas away, forcing him to transform.

Support hunters appeared. However, because the difference in strength was too great, they couldn’t participate in the battle, so they could not help but watch and cheer Thomas. Even Hunter Baek did not dare to transform because he was too afraid of the power of the Beast.

Thomas and the Beast continued to “beam” each other. After a while, the Beast began to fight for real. His hair was “painted white” and his strength increased significantly. The Beast overwhelmed Thomas. He also noticed the summon inside Thomas’ shadow and reached out to destroy it. Taking advantage of the opponent’s distraction, Thomas circled behind and broke the neck of the Beast. That much of course can’t kill this Emperor! He grabbed Thomas by the head, intending to eat him. At this time, Renat joined the battle, protecting Thomas from the Beast.

Spoiler Solo Leveling Chapter 158

Looks like the fight will last a little longer. With Renat involved, Thomas would be safe for the time being. However, Renat could only hold out for a few minutes. Meanwhile, Jin Woo needs to move at full speed to Seoul to prevent the worst from happening.

In the next chapter, Jin Woo will appear and “smash” into the Beast’s mouth. He would also give Renat a chance to get Thomas to retreat and then subjugate the Beast himself. With the current strength, this is not too difficult for Jin Woo. He would quickly overwhelm the Beast and force him to the dead end.

After the Beast is full, he will begin to carry out the plan he and the other two Emperors made. The Beast will trick Jin Woo into a trap and then his council with the Insect Queen and the Ice Emperor.

Solo Leveling Chapter 158 Release Time

Solo Leveling chapter 158 is scheduled to be released on July 15 . Spoiler information will be updated as soon as possible.


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