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One Piece chapter 1020

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One Piece chapter 1020 spoiler prediction, chapter 1019 summary: Tobi Roppo has almost been defeated. In the next chapter, will Black Maria be the next “victim” of the Straw Hats? The match between Kaido and Yamato is also going on. Will Yamato be able to hold back Kaido or get slapped by the Yonko like…slap me?

Summary of One Piece Chapter 1019

Title One Piece Chapter 1019: Heliceratops. The cover shows the Straw Hats in swimsuits riding a school of whale sharks in the sea.

The chapter begins with Sanji’s battle with the Queen in the stage hall. Like a Shin Godzilla, Queen fires deadly lasers from her tail. Sanji quickly dodged them and thought Franky would enjoy Queen’s technology. On Chopper’s side, he and Doctor Miyagi were preparing medicine to be injected into Zoro’s body.

Beneath the ocean, Luffy regained consciousness after receiving medical attention from the Heart crew. While the pirates were discussing what medicine to give Luffy to restore his health, the straw hat boy shouted:


The Heart crew members replied that:


On the right side of the castle, Sasaki’s retainers were battling Tama’s kibidango-eating Gifters. Thanks to reinforcements, Franky was able to fight the Tobi Roppo with all his might. Sasaki says Franky’s body is very stiff. Franky also replies that Sasaki isn’t bad either. The two then continued to fight each other

Sasaki transforms into a hybrid with the head still of a triceratops but with a mane on the back and the lower body like a human. After that, Sasaki picked up his sword and started casting the ultimate skill “Karakuri Rasentou”. Sasaki’s huge body soars!

What three-horned dinosaur could do this crap!?

All three-horned dinosaurs are like that!

Sasaki then punishes the traitorous Gifters with “Heliceratops” which he then charges towards Franky. Franky parried, sending Sasaki crashing into the wall. Sasaki stood up, casting the skill once more. However, due to wrong execution, instead of flying forward, he… flew backwards. To cure his shyness, Sasaki said that everything was calculated by him.

Sasaki then hurls himself at Franky with “Tamaceratops”. The blow was so strong that it caused Franky Shogun’s left arm to explode. Without backing down, Franky grabbed his opponent with his free hand and performed a “General Suplex”.

Realizing that the stomach is Sasaki’s weak point, Franky quickly pulls out Franken and unleashes “Shouri No V Flash”. Sasaki flew to the sky to dodge. The two then fought fiercely with each other. Because he was not used to swords, Franky’s weapon was quickly broken. Franky hastily backed away to keep his distance. Sasaki intends to cast “Tamaceratops” again. This time, Franky was prepared. He attacked with a Cannon that made Sasaki gasp.

Not giving up, Sasaki flew up and attacked with “Magnumceratops” that severely damaged Franky Shogun. Franky quickly escapes from the robot and shoots a laser through Sasaki’s stomach. Franky was exhausted. Sasaki fell to the ground, eyes widening.

After the match between Sasaki and Franky, we come to the scene on the top of Onigashima. During the battle, Kaido and Yamato talk to each other:

I recognize you as a strong warrior, although I do not intend to give you that fruit, which I have worked so hard to obtain!

If I’m hungry, I’ll just eat! I want to go to the sea, but because of this debt, now I’m just an anchor!

Yamato has now turned into his hybrid form, seriously fighting Kaido. She said that:

I tried to kill him countless times, but he always beat me, However, those defeats only made me stronger!

Chains are not what keep me on this island. If I don’t fight, I have no right to call myself ODEN!

One Piece Chapter 1020 spoiler prediction

Similar to Who’s Who, perhaps Sasaki was also defeated. Tobi Roppo now has only Black Maria left. In the next chapter, perhaps we will come to the battle between the giant spider and Robin and Brook.

If the next chapter is indeed Black Maria’s battle, she will most likely tell some information about Yamato. However, before that, we will see a few pages of confrontation between Yamato and Kaido. The general situation of the war will also be reviewed, providing more information about Tama, Law and Kid, Luffy as well as the remaining Nine Red Bao.

Zoro after being injected will return to the battlefield. Maybe he will fight with Sanji or support the samurai to fight. After Black Maria is defeated, maybe we will come to this matchup. as well as Jack vs Inuarashi and Marco vs King.

Next week, One Piece will take a break, then release for another 2 weeks and take a break for another week. In the next 2 chapters, it is highly likely that Oda will drop another bomb so that readers have the opportunity to make guesses. It could be Luffy’s return, Law, Kid’s fight with Big Mom, or Yamato’s Devil Fruit.

One Piece Chapter 1020 Release Time

Weekly Shonen Jump is on hiatus next week. One Piece chapter 1020 is scheduled to be released on August 1 .


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