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Kengan Omega chapter 117

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Kengan Omega chapter 117 spoiler prediction, chapter 116 summary: With keen intuition, Okubo notices that there’s something very unusual about Terashi. The Purgatory Gladiator was also completely unmoved after taking a dozen hits from Okubo? Who is Terashi really? The next chapter will give us the answer!

Summary of Kengan Omega chapter 116

At the beginning of Kengan Omega chapter 116, we learn that Okubo’s punch was completely blocked by Terashi. Noticing the unusualness of his opponent, Okubo quickly took a defensive stance. Terashi raised her hand provocatively. Okubo continued his attack with a similar punch.

However, the punch was just a trick. Okubo kicked but Terashi quickly dodged. Okubo was about to raise his right foot to attack when he realized that his opponent had already raised his hand to defend. Kengan fighters commented that Terashi is clearly not very good at martial arts (through his movements) but is quite skilled at judging his opponent’s actions. They also realize that Okubo’s actions are also very strange. It seemed like he was trying to avoid hitting the opponent’s hand – or more accurately, the palm of his hand.

Okubo once again attacked. Worthy of the title of King of Kings, Okubo found a way to deceive his opponent and threw a full-fledged punch into Terashi’s stomach. Taking advantage, Okubo continued to throw the right. Unfortunately, no matter how many punches Terashi was hit, Terashi was still awake (is it the king of stubbornness?)

The side of Purgatory talked to each other. Fei says that the assassin he mentioned earlier has nothing to do with Terashi. Lolong then said that the person Fei mentioned was Long Min, a talented assassin from Chu country. That character is very strong, but he was defeated by the masked assassin Terasi – an unknown person. It seems that Terashi is related to this legendary character.

Returning to the ring, Okubo broke into a sweat when he saw that his opponent was not normal. In the last page of the story, Okubo’s two fists bleed! Kengan Omega chapter 116 ends here!

Kengan Omega Chapter 117 spoiler prediction

According to Okubo’s intuition, he sensed “something is wrong” in Terashi’s hand. It is possible that this former assassin had hidden under his skin a blade or some sharp weapon. The harder Okubo punches, the deeper the weapon will sink into his hand. The wound at the end of chapter 116 is probably also because of this.

According to Fei, it is possible that Terashi is the heir to the masked assassin. In the next chapter, perhaps we will see a flashback of this character’s true identity. As for the secret behind Terashi’s ability to deal damage, the next chapter and chapter 119 will be fully revealed.

Eating Okubo’s punches without showing anything, there are only two possibilities: one – Terashi is the king of blows, two – he has “hidden things” inside his clothes. It is very likely that this hand has hidden many weapons under his body and actively chose to fight Okubo because he knows the King of Rights is the one who is most suitable for his fighting style.

After finding that punching and kicking doesn’t work, Okubo will switch to locking and grappling the opponent. Success or not is unknown, but with what is happening, it is highly likely that Quyen Vuong will find a way to defeat the opponent (after 3-5 more chapters).

Kengan Omega Chapter 117 Release Time

Kengan Omega chapter 117 is scheduled to be released on July 15 .


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