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Kengan Omega chapter 116

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Kengan Omega chapter 116 spoiler prediction, chapter 115 summary: With the hope of leveling the score, Okubo will be the next fighter to go to battle. His opponent is Terashi – a notorious murderer in China. Will Okubo win or will he die at the hands of Terashi?

Summary of Kengan Omega chapter 115

After winning, Liu made a very chivalrous move when he helped Nitoku towards Kengan. Liu’s performance made Kengan Hoi a little nervous. Moreover, there is a high possibility that there are other Centipedes that are mixing into the two sides, so it is difficult to predict the next developments. Ohma also seemed to think about why Naidan and Lu Tian had to reveal their identities.

In the stands, strange “moves” began to appear. Kureishi and Joji suddenly stood up and went inside, their faces filled with murderous intent. From their words, it seemed they were about to “take out” the Centipedes who dared to hit Kouga. At the same time, Muteba also embarked on his mission.

On the ring, the next match is revealed. Not beyond the expectations of Lag and many other readers, “Church Lord” Okubo will confront Terashi! True to his style, Okubo is very aggressive “hello” to his opponent. Terashi replied quite calmly. However, this tall guy gave off an aura that couldn’t be underestimated.

On the side of Purgatory, Fei said that Terashi is a fighter transferred from “Bishamon”. Previously, he was a notorious killer in China. Lolong looked thoughtful when he heard that. Immediately after, the referee announced the start of the match. Immediately, Okubo rushed to punch Terashi in the face! Kengan Omega chapter 115 ends here!

Kengan Omega Chapter 116 spoiler prediction

According to Okubo’s assessment, Terashi is a somewhat cunning, dishonest person. Through the way he talks, this guy also hides a lot of himself. In addition to having killed many people, in addition to using martial arts, he will also use tricks to fight Okubo (that mask for example, what if it is metal?).

Okubo’s punch 100% has no effect on Terashi. On the contrary, it is possible that this killer will counterattack soon after. Okubo endured the blow, observing his opponent and analyzing Terashi’s fighting style.

According to what happened in Kengan Omega / Kengan Ashura, this match Okubo will be very difficult to lose. However, there is still a risk that Terashi will play tricks and try to kill the Kengan fighter when he comes to the end. This 11th match will probably last from 5 to 8 chapters before victory or defeat is decided.

Some theories suggest that Okubo is a Centipede Foot inserted into the Kengan and that the centipede tattoo is hidden under a clown costume. This is entirely possible. However, we’ll need a few more chapters before we can conclude if this is true or not (maybe…Wakatsuki is the real Centipede!).

Kengan Omega Chapter 116 Release Time

Kengan Omega chapter 116 is scheduled to be released on July 8 .


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