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Kengan Omega chapter 110 spoiler prediction: Nitoku VS Liu, the winner will be…?

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Kengan Omega chapter 110 spoiler prediction, chapter 109 summary: After the match between Akoya and Nicolas is canceled, Nitoku will be Kengan’s next representative. On the side of Purgatory, Liu Dongcheng also volunteered to go to the top. Who will be the winner in the end?

Summary of Kengan Omega chapter 109

Before the unpredictable development of the match Akoya – NIColas, Milk Fang Rihito and God Slayer Carlos also rushed to the ring. At this moment, King was standing between two gladiators, threatening to force both sides to stop fighting. Nicolas and Akoya disagree. Both rush to attack King!

King easily knocked Akoya up, swinging his fist and knocking Nicolas back in an instant. From behind King, Ouma also stepped onto the floor to prevent the incident from going any further. Following Ouma were Rihito and Carlos. Rihito locked Akoya (who had gone mad) so Carlos could finish the blow. The situation is resolved. King retreated to the stands.

Because of what happened, the match between Akoya and Nicolas was invalidated. The two gladiators were also detained until the end of the tournament as punishment. In the meantime, the tournament will continue as usual. To ensure victory, Yamashita arranged for Nitoku to fight in the next match. On the side of Purgatory, Liu couldn’t stand it anymore, so he also went to the ring. The next match has been set! Nitoku VS Liu Dongcheng!

Kengan Omega Chapter 110 spoiler prediction

Nitoku Vs Liu, a match could not be more mysterious. Readers have never seen both of them, but only know that they are both very strong. Who will be the winner in the end?

Based on what Naidan had said before he died, Liu was definitely equal to or slightly stronger than him. With his Chinese martial arts, Liu will cause a lot of trouble for Nitoku, despite the difference in physicality between them.

Nitoku doesn’t play tournaments very often but he is also very strong. As a writer, it is possible that Nitoku will possess the ability to analyze opponents and ingenious judgments. Nitoku’s ability will make the match more balanced and interesting.

According to Lag, it is highly likely that Nitoku will lose this match. That will make the next matchups more intense and unpredictable. The course of the match will be as follows: Liu prevails – Nitoku counterattacks – (somewhere in a flashback) – Liu plays cards, uses his combat experience to defeat his opponent – Victory for Purgatory.

Kengan Omega Chapter 110 Release Time

Kengan Omega chapter 109 is scheduled to be released on May 20 .


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