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Dragon Ball Super chap 73 spoiler prediction: Granola defeats Goku, encounters Vegeta.

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Dragon Ball Super chapter 73 spoiler prediction, chapter 72 summary: While Goku and Granola quarrel, Vegeta plays the role of a detective to find out the identity of the Strongest Warrior in the Universe. In the next chapter, what truth will Vegeta reveal? Will he have a chance to fight Granola instead of Goku?

Summary of Dragon Ball Super chapter 72

Dragon Ball Super chap 73

In the previous chapter, after hearing Macki’s lying plea, Goku and Vegeta agreed to go and destroy the evil that was causing chaos in Cereal. After many days of traveling, the group finally reached their destination. Macki points to the distant mountain where Granola lives and tells Goku – Vegeta to hurry there and chase him away “before he causes bad things”.

Having a trusting nature, Goku and Vegeta leave immediately. Macki sneered. Gas pulled out the dragon ball radar, and began to carry out the plan that the leader Heeter entrusted. On his airship, Elec chats with Oil. The two are traveling to a rather strange planet Oil “didn’t have many good memories” of.

The story then returns to Goku and Vegeta. The two were flying in the sky in the direction Macki pointed, when from the distant forest, countless palm powers flew to attack them. Understanding that the enemy is in front of him, Vegeta wears Super Saiyan and Goku also focuses on activating Ultra Instinct. The confrontation between Granola VS Goku – Vegeta begins!

The two Saiyan warriors flew to where the energy spheres were released, but saw no one. The bullets seemed to come from nowhere and they couldn’t find an opponent. While confused, Goku gets a fatal blow to the back of his neck and falls to the ground.

Vegeta advises Goku not to rely solely on Ultra Instinct but to feel with his own mind. Goku follows suit and discovers Granola’s hiding place. Granola teleports behind the two Saiyans. He introduced himself and then launched an attack. Following the style of the Dragon Balls, Goku volunteered to go solo 1vs1 with Granola first. Goku switched to Super Saiyan God and then dueled with Granola. While fighting, Goku activates Ultra Instinct to increase his acuity.

Granola creates distance and releases her palm to distract Goku. Right after that, he approached the opponent and hit the critical point in Goku’s stomach. Once again, Goku collapsed in pain. Granola states that he can clearly see blood vessels and muscle movements thanks to his right eye (sounds like a Byakugan, doesn’t it?).

Granola then mobilized to fight more seriously. Goku also switched to Super Saiyan Blue. The two had an extremely fierce tit-for-tat, causing the nearby city to also be severely affected by the tremors.

While Goku fights, Vegeta notices some familiar traces in the nearby ruins. It seems that Vegeta knows Granola’s true identity.

Dragon Ball Super chap 73 spoiler prediction

In the next chapter, Heeter’s group will find the dragon ball. Since the number of gems is only 2 and they also have all the necessary means, it will not take too long for Heeter to reach the goal. In 3 – 4 more chapters, this gang will summon god dragons and say their wishes. Elec would most likely wish for Oil to become the strongest warrior.

After Super Saiyan Blue, Goku will advance to Ultra Instinct to fight Granola. Although it is quite difficult, Granola will still defeat Goku.

After “investigating like Conan”, Vegeta will know who Granola is. He would come back and clarify things with Granola and give him more information about Freiza’s current situation. Granola of course isn’t calm enough to listen so he will fight Vegeta after seeing Goku out of the fight.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73 Release Time

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73 will be released on June 20 . 


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