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Black Clover chapter 300

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Black Clover chapter 300 spoiler prediction, chapter 299 summary: With Gaja’s sacrifice, it seems Megicula…is not dead yet. On the contrary, she became even stronger! Will Lolopechika break free from Megicula’s control and fight with Noelle? Who will show up to support the two girls?

Summary of Black Clover Chapter 299

Black Clover chapter 299 is mainly about Gaja. After being stabbed, Gaja put her hands on Lolopechika’s temples. He told her that:

It won’t hurt. Please forgive me, Lolopechika-sama.

Gaja casts a spell that temporarily renders Lolopechika unable to fight. Next, he approached Megicual while remembering the past. To protect Lolopechika, Gaja is determined to become stronger. Even so, his efforts were still nothing against Megicula. Gaja felt extremely regretful that she could not do anything for her queen.

Returning to reality, Gaja used the last of her remaining breath, unleashing a powerful magic attack on Megicula!

On the last page of the story, in front of Gaja is a white smoke with Megicula’s shadow flickering in and out. As for Gaja, it seems he died after casting his last spell. Spoiler Black Clover chapter 299 ends here. New details will be updated as soon as possible.

Black Clover Chapter 300 spoiler prediction

Judging from the shadow in the mist, one could guess that…Megicula wasn’t dead yet. On the contrary, she transformed into a more complete form. Maybe before dissipating, Megicula had “processed” Vanica too so that she could bring a part of her true form to the world. In the next development, Noelle will have to confront Megicula (a stronger version).

Thanks to Gaja’s magic, a huge hole connected to the outside was created. This was a great way for other magic knights to come to Noelle’s aid. Will it be Asta, the Black Bull Bull Group, or a leader? We’ll have to wait and see (Lag assumes Gordon and Henry will come help because they’re related to Megicula).

As for Gaja, most likely he is not dead yet. Lolopechika after being immobilized will soon return to battle. However, it is possible that Gaja’s magic and sacrifice affected Lolopechika, causing her to escape Megicula’s control. Lolopechika then joins Noelle to fight Megicula.

Black Clover Chapter 300 Release Time

Black Clover chapter 300 is scheduled to be released on July 18.


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