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Kengan Omega chapter 110 spoiler prediction: Nitoku VS Liu, the winner will be…?

Kengan Omega
Kengan Omega chapter 110 spoiler prediction, chapter 109 summary: After the match between Akoya and Nicolas is canceled, Nitoku will be Kengan's next representative. On the side of Purgatory, Liu Dongcheng also volunteered to go to the top. Who will be the winner in the end? Summary of Kengan Omega chapter 109 Before the unpredictable development of the match Akoya - NIColas, Milk Fang Rihito and God Slayer Carlos also rushed to the ring. At this moment, King was standing between two gladiators, threatening to force both sides to stop fighting. Nicolas and Akoya disagree. Both rush to attack King! King easily knocked Akoya up, swinging his fist and knocking Nicolas back in an instant. From behind King, Ouma also stepped onto the floor to prevent the incident from going any further. Foll...

Spoiler Dragon Ball Super chap 72 and 7 pages manuscript: Granola VS Goku – Vegeta

Giải Trí
The latest spoiler and 7 pages of Dragon Ball Super chap 72: Granola meets Goku and Vegeta! In the previous chapter, after hearing Macki's deceitful request, Goku and Vegeta agreed to go and destroy the villain who is causing the commotion Cereal. After days of traveling the group finally reached their destination. Macki points to the distant mountain where Granola lives and tells Goku - Vegeta to hurry up and chase him away "before he does anything bad". By nature, Goku and Vegeta leave. Macki chuckles. Gas pulled out the dragon ball radar, and began to proceed with the plan assigned by the leader of the Heeter. On his spaceship, Elec chatted with Oil, reminding him of his plan. The story then goes back to Goku and Vegeta. The two were flying in the sky in the direction Macki pointed...

Spoiler Prediction Tokyo Revengers chap 206: Side story of Mucho and Sanzu’s past

Giải Trí
Spoiler Prediction Tokyo Revengers chap 206, chapter 205 summary: After the touching side story about the Kisaki - Hanma couple, we will be coming to another side story about Mucho and Sanzu. Summary of content Tokyo Revengers chap 205 Title Tokyo Revengers chap 205: The picaresque. According to the author's announcement at the end of chapter 204, Tokyo Revengers 205 is a special extra story about characters Hanma and Kisaki. This chapter takes place in the past when two characters begin to travel together until Kisaki's death. Hanma meets with Kisaki for the first time again with Moebius. Just seeing Hanma, Kisaki called him "Shinigami". Some time later, Hanma becomes a powerful henchman for Kisaki. To Hanma, the time spent with Kisaki was the happiest series of days, "like a festival"....

Spoiler Prediction One Piece Chapter 1014: The mysterious man saved Luffy, Yamato VS Kaido!

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Prediction for One Piece Chapter 1014 spoiler, chapter 1013 summary: After a while of fighting, Luffy failed to defeat Kaido and fell from the top of Onigashima. Will the mysterious person who healed the Nine Hong Bao appear to save Luffy or not? Replacing Luffy, did Yamato go ahead and knock on his father's head for his idol Oden? Summary of the content of One Piece chapter 1013 One Piece chapter 1013 title: Big Mom's chaos. After Nami's attack, Ulti quickly recovered. Usopp urged his teammates to run immediately, but Nami refused. Female flowers use weather sticks to launch the Tornado Tempo attack. Ulti dodged it. Arab Tobi Roppo approached Nami, about to deliver the blow to finish her off with a Head Attack. At that moment, Big Mom launched a combination of 3 Homie Napoleon, Prometh...