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Tokyo Revengers chapter 216

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Link watch: Tokyo Revengers chapter 216 Tokyo Revengers chapter 216 spoiler prediction, chapter 215 summary: After joining Brahma, Takemichi unexpectedly goes on a date with the Senju chief. Things are even more surprising when Takemichi finds out that Senju is a girl, even younger than him! What will their date reveal? Summary spoiler Tokyo Revergers 215 After hearing Draken reveal the fact that he is a member of Brahma, Takemichi and Inui are brought back to the shop. Inui says he's worried about Draken because instead of being a racing gang, Brahma is more like a yakuza. There were a lot of bad rumors about them so Inui advised Takemichi to be careful. Outside, Takemichi sees Draken shouting at Akashi. Former Prime Minister Toman said: If you drag Takemichi into this...

One Piece chapter 1020

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One Piece chapter 1020 spoiler prediction, chapter 1019 summary: Tobi Roppo has almost been defeated. In the next chapter, will Black Maria be the next "victim" of the Straw Hats? The match between Kaido and Yamato is also going on. Will Yamato be able to hold back Kaido or get slapped by the Yonko like...slap me? Summary of One Piece Chapter 1019 Title One Piece Chapter 1019: Heliceratops. The cover shows the Straw Hats in swimsuits riding a school of whale sharks in the sea. The chapter begins with Sanji's battle with the Queen in the stage hall. Like a Shin Godzilla, Queen fires deadly lasers from her tail. Sanji quickly dodged them and thought Franky would enjoy Queen's technology. On Chopper's side, he and Doctor Miyagi were preparing medicine to be injected into Zoro's body...

Tokyo Revengers chapter 215

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Tokyo Revengers chapter 215 spoiler prediction, chapter 214 summary: After the confrontation was forced to break up due to police intervention, Draken confessed to Takemichi that he has now joined Brahma. What is the reason for this? What will happen next? Let's see Lag's prediction! Tokyo Revergers 214 spoiler summary The beginning of the chapter is an image of long lines of cars being congested due to the confrontation between Rokuhara Tandai and Brahma. Draken, who was fully awake after being beaten, stood next to Takemichi. Drakne says that neither he nor Takemichi will follow anyone's orders.  As for Takemichi, he briefly thought about what had happened in the future and then announced to everyone: I have no interest in Brahma or Rokuhara Tandai. I just want to destr...

Solo Leveling chapter 159

Spoiler Solo Leveling chapter 159, chapter 158 summary: Thanks to Thomas and Renat buying time, Jin Woo returned to Seoul in time. Unable to summon the shadow warriors, Jin Woo has to confront the 3 mighty Emperors alone! Three-on-one is also lame, will Jin Woo keep his life in this fight? Solo Leveling Chapter 158 Chapter Summary With the determination "it is better to die with honor than to live with shame", Renat used all his strength to confront the Emperor of Beasts. Just when he thought he had lost his life, a giant dragon appeared out of nowhere, sending the Beast flying. That's Kaisel. On its back is Jin Woo - The World's Strongest Hunter! The Beast of Strength blew Kaisel away. From within the summoning shadow, Jin Woo rushed up, kicking the Beast in the head. Realizing ...

Black Clover chapter 300

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Black Clover chapter 300 spoiler prediction, chapter 299 summary: With Gaja's sacrifice, it seems not dead yet. On the contrary, she became even stronger! Will Lolopechika break free from Megicula's control and fight with Noelle? Who will show up to support the two girls? Summary of Black Clover Chapter 299 Black Clover chapter 299 is mainly about Gaja. After being stabbed, Gaja put her hands on Lolopechika's temples. He told her that: It won't hurt. Please forgive me, Lolopechika-sama. Gaja casts a spell that temporarily renders Lolopechika unable to fight. Next, he approached Megicual while remembering the past. To protect Lolopechika, Gaja is determined to become stronger. Even so, his efforts were still nothing against Megicula. Gaja felt extremely regretful ...