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Dragon Ball Super spoiler prediction 67: Moro is destroyed, Goku’s new journey begins

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Prediction for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67, summary of chapter 66 content: The war with Moro ends. Next, new and more powerful enemies will appear! Goku will also have a new transformation form! Summary of Dragon Ball Super chapter 66 In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65, Goku "transcended" Moro to eat magic beans, helping him recover 100% of his strength. The villain then copied Merus's power and became one with Earth. To destroy him, the Earth will disappear too! Moro attacks Goku. With Perfect Ultra Instinct, Goku is easily fended off. However, he doesn't know how to defeat Moro. Realizing the situation was out of control, Beerus had to lend a hand. It will be very bad if the Earth is destroyed. Besides, Beerus also didn't want to be ugly in front of the other Gods of Destruction. He fl

Spoiler Shuumatsu No Valkyrie Chapter 38: Shiva completely overwhelms, slices Raiden off

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Summary of Shuumatsu No Valkyrie chapter 37 (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Shiva and Rudra are low-level deities living in the countryside. That makes them constantly laughed for daring to dream of climbing to the top of the Hindu gods. However, Rudra and Shiva continued their efforts. They continuously took down a large number of gods, thereby gradually gaining higher status. Gradually, Rudra and Shiva became "idols" of the lower gods. They followed the unbeaten couple and cheered Rudra and Shiva forward. Together, both the gods challenged all the gods and also the famous Indra, Brahma, and Vishnu. All their deeds are recorded and become the Vedas. After defeating 1115 gods, Shiva and Rudra finally stood atop the Hindu gods....

Berserk spoiler prediction chap 363: The chance to defeat God Hand and Skull Knight’s past

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Berserk spoiler prediction chapter 363, chapter 362 summary: With Hanarr's influence, Guts sees Skull Knight's memory inside Berserk. In the next chapter, what mysteries will continue to reveal? Summary of content Berserk chap 362 Story continues with content revolving around Guts and Berserk armor. After being touched by Hanarr, Berserk immediately enveloped Guts, causing him to scream in pain. Using giant iron chains, Hanarr hung up Guts and controlled his movement. Schierke was always standing next to Guts with a worried expression on his face. Hanarr said that Guts needed to cope with the "bloody memory" that permeated the armor. From the subconscious mind, hundreds of monsters, demons appeared, thickening the Black Swordsman's mind. After that, a bi...

Spoiler Dr. Stone chapter 171: Xeno and Senku find out the source of the petrified ray – Brazil goes straight!

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Dr.Stone chap 171 latest spoiler info. Title Dr. Stone chap 171: Looking At The Same Light. The story chapter opens with an exchange between Xeno and Senku. Senku reveals what he knows about the Byakuya spacecraft and what his father left behind. As far as is known, South America is a promising destination, where the answers to everything are located. Xeno agrees and declares that he will together with Senku locate the need. Senku unties Xeno. After using a special compound, Xeno identified that the petrification came from Brazil. This is where they all need to find out about the source of everything. Xeno and Senku begin to chain things up. They and the other members took turns reading the petrified time. Then, they realized that 56 seconds from the moment they saw the ray of li

Spoiler Black Clover Chapter 269: Using Yami’s sword, Asta defeats Ribe

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Black Clover 269's latest and most accurate spoiler information. After reminiscing about the past, Ribe revealed his desire to destroy his demons and continued to fight Asta. Asta dodged the attack, then ... punched Ribe hard on the cheek (but told not to hit). He said that he would win with this body. Ribe then summons all the swords within the demon letter, including Yami's. Fortunately, Asta was able to grab the sword and use it against Ribe. After that, we learn more about Ribe's time inside the demon letter. With resentment towards the devil, Ribe gradually formed anti-magic. However, Ribe still cannot escape the demon letter for revenge. This opportunity is the only option of Ribe for him to fulfill his desire. Ribe is determined to kill Asta. He ordered the swords to attack