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Prediction for spoiler Kengan Omega chap 104: Nicolas shows bravery, Akoya is alone in the battle

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Prediction for spoiler Kengan Omega chap 104, Summary of chapter 103: Akoya VS Nicolas. Will Canh accidentally defeat his opponent or will Nicolas defeat the “hero of justice”?

After the match between Masaki and Jurota ended, Kengan Omega chapter 103 brings us to what’s happening inside the wings. Right now, My Beast is “flirting” with Ryuki. Taking advantage of the current Ryuki’s unstable mentality, Setsuna repeatedly put on his head wrong thoughts.

Back at the ring, Jurota was taken to the emergency room. The rest of the members of Purgatory work out who will play next. Kengan Hoi is also thinking. The score is now 4 – 4 so they also need to be careful. In the middle of that, a new message was sent to both teams: Kengan won’t have to go first. This is the result of Nogi President’s involvement.

Kawatsuki is quite concerned about the dangerous element called Akoya Seishu. If he goes to the battle, Kengan will most likely take the loss. However, it was also impossible to leave him at the end because it would be dangerous if he continued to draw again.

After a while of calculating more, the side of Purgatory sent Nicolas on the floor. Although he is quite suspicious of this guy, this is a good chance to observe him. Kengan then also announces the gladiator: that person is none other than Akoya! Kengan Omega chapter 103 ends here.

Prediction for spoiler Kengan Omega chap 104

Before he waved his hand and closed his eyes, Naidan warned Liu Dongcheng to be careful with Nicolas. Why should a centipede like Naidan be afraid of Nicolas? Is this guy also a man of the centipede or is he some other force?

If Nicolas is involved in a certain organization and is seen as a bad guy, Akoya will surely turn on his “mad dog” mode again, ready to punch his opponent to death. Like the previous times, Akoya will endure the blow. When he saw it enough, he punished his opponent.

In Lolong’s words, Nicolas’s real power cannot be underestimated. Akoya of course is very strong, but in this match, up to 90% of Canh will lose the match. If it weren’t for defeat, Akoya would also fail by defeating Nicolas. The match will probably last 4-5 chapters and will reveal more about the identity of Nicolas.

Kengan Omega Chapter 104 Release Date

Kengan Omega chap 104 is scheduled to be released on April 8 


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