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One Piece 941 Prediction: Big Mom and Caribou, Important Points for the Luffy Alliance!

Finally it was time for the writer to make a prediction of  One Piece 941! For those of you who have not read the One Piece 940 manga  or just watched the anime, you should back off first, unless you don’t have a problem with  spoilers

Bepo rescue!

One Piece 940 shows Law being away from Ebisu City, O-Toko’s place of origin. Although Law’s words showed as if he doubted their alliance, but the writer doubted Law would really leave his alliance with Luffy.

The author of One Piece 941 prediction  feels we will see Law go to save Bepo. We have already shown that Law can exchange ordinary handcuffs with Batu Laut, meaning that the power of Law is able to work even though Bepo and others are imprisoned in the bars of the Sea Stone.

If so, it would be easy for Law to save Bepo and others. Law is likely to be able to use Ope Ope’s Devil Fruit power to cross the Bepo bars and save it even though the bars are made of sea stone.

But will Law save it that easily? Does not seem. Given the large number of dissidents captured by the Orochi Shogun, it is certainly not unusual if the guarding of the bars is also tightened.

The Traitor Mystery Revealed!

It is still a mystery how Shogun Orochi connects crescent tattoos on feet with cards spread by Kin’emon and others, but the author feels this mystery will soon be revealed around when Law’s Bepo rescue mission is carried out.

To clear the name Bepo, the predictor of  One Piece 941 thought that Law might hear how the Shogun Orochi party knew about the Kozuki Clan group.

Maybe Law will hear this accidentally while sneaking, or maybe Oda will tell us another way. What is clear, the predictor of  One Piece 941 feels we will soon find out about this.

Identitas Ushimitsu Kozo?

One Piece 940 shows Tonoyasu’s glory, the man from Ebisu City who always smiles.

Funny thing is, new info is revealed here. We are told through Nami and a grandmother’s dialogue from Ebisu City that it turns out that Tonoyasu is the father of O-Toko. Since Tonoyasu had said something about Ushimitsu Kozo’s kindness, could this have something to do with it?

The author of One Piece 941 prediction is  almost sure Tonoyasu knows enough about who Ushimitsu Kozo really is or also known as Witching Hour Boy. There are even those who argue that this Ushimitsu Kozo is Tonoyasu himself, but the author is somewhat doubtful about that.

If you see the glory of Tonoyasu’s heart, the writer doubts that Tonoyasu will tell Zoro about the goodness of Ushimitsu Kozo. People who are kind-hearted like Tonoyasu certainly won’t tell good things they do, right? So the author feels that this Tonoyasu is not Ushimitsu Kozo.

So who is about Ushimitsu Kozo, this good-hearted thief?

If you look at the plot, it shouldn’t be long before we will see the identity of Ushimitsu Kozo. Even if it’s not in  One Piece 941, but the author is almost sure two or three more chapters we will see the actual form of Ushimitsu Kozo.

Big Mom Rages!

At the end of  One Piece 940 we are shown the position of O-Lin or Big Mom and Chopper. Seeing that they had started approaching the Udon prison, meaning that it would not be long before we would see the Big Mom’s fury that was starving.

One Piece 941 predictive writer  feels Big Mom will not immediately attack Udon Prison in  One Piece 941. Look, Big Mom complains of drowsiness at the end of One Piece 940. It could be that Big Mom will fall asleep first before reaching the Udon Prison

But it is also possible that Big Mom will continue to attack the Udon Prison in the middle of the night, delivering a surprise attack. Especially thanks to Queen, Udon Prison is filled with Oshiruko who is craving Big Mom. It means that soon we will see a fight between Big Mom and Queen.

Another Yakuza boss?

Since Luffy seems to be planning to free all prisoners in the Udon prison, chances are that we will soon see big names among Yakuza Wano who are now imprisoned by Orochi Shogun.

If you look at the design silhouette that looks very detailed, the author of One Piece 941 predictions is  almost sure that Oda will soon show the identity of each of the former Yakuza Bosses through Grandpa Hyou.

Maybe as soon as Big Mom pushed into the Udon prison and messed up cell by cell, one by one this former Yakuza boss would surface when running away. In the midst of this chaos, maybe Oda will show each of the former Yakuza bosses who have big names in the Shogun era, Kozuki Sukiyaki.

That means that soon Luffy will get a strong alliance partner with the help of Grandpa Hyou!

Caribou, a valuable asset?

Not much different from Caesar Clown on Whole Cake Island, Caribou here is also a former enemy who then allied with Luffy. But certainly not only the One Piece 941 predictor  who feels Caribou will betray later.

Even so, since Caribou requires Luffy to be able to escape from Wano, it is likely that Caribou will not be as easy as betraying them until they completely defeat Kaido and overthrow the Shogun Orochi regime.

At the very least, the writer feels that maybe Trafalgar Law will use his strength again in Caribou to guarantee his loyalty. Simply by removing the Caribou heart from his body, Law can ensure Caribou loyalty to them.

But how can Caribou be a valuable asset for Luffy and others?

Remember, Caribou has a body made of unlimited swamps. He was even able to save mermaid girls on Fish Man Island in his body. So there are two possibilities that occurred to the author about how to use this Caribou power.

First, Caribou will be very useful for sneaking. With his strength, he can save Luffy’s colleagues in his body to be released after Caribou sneaks into an area that is difficult for ordinary human bodies to enter. More or less similar to Raizou’s One Piece 940.

The only drawback to this technique according to the author is how people who are hidden by Caribou breathe. If the person entered has a high life force like Luffy, maybe this technique will be very helpful.

Unfortunately, ordinary people will faint if they are in the swamp for quite a long time because of difficulty breathing. That is, this ability cannot be used in just anyone.

The second possibility, Caribou can act as their arsenal. Unlike living things, weapons can be stored in Caribou’s swamp for a very long time. By being a warehouse for weapons, Luffy and the others also don’t need to worry about being stolen.

Fans will have to wait for “One Piece” Chapter 941 to be released to find out and April 26 is the date for when it will drop.


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