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Prediction for Black Clover Chapter 269 spoiler: Asta understands Liebe, team up to take revenge on Lucifero

Giải Trí, Manga News
Prediction for Black Clover Chapter 269, chapter 268 summary: The traumatic past of Liebe and Asta's mother has been revealed. Confronted with the devil filled with hatred, what will Asta do to make Liebe an ally? Summary of content Black Clover Chapter 268 Black Clover Chapter 268 is a story about the evil past within Asta (referred to as the devil). In the demon world, the demons are clearly decentralized based on their strength. Because without magic, demons are always brutally beaten and beaten. One day, due to the power of a high-class devil, the demon was brought to the human world. Because of its terrifying appearance, humans always shun it, even attacking the devil even though he is just a child. One time, the demon was saved by a strange woman named Ricita. Ricita brought th