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Prediction for spoiler Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken chap 78: 10 The Demon King appears, Walpurgis begins

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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken's spoiler prediction chapter 78, chapter 77 summary: After preparing everything, Rimuru and Ranga and Shion join the Walpurgis. What demons will the slime man meet here? What will happen at the party? Summary of content Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken chapter 77 Rimuru asks Veldora to stay to protect Jura Tempest. Although quite sad, the Storm Dragon still agreed to the offer. He used his power to create a barrier to shield the entire kingdom. Rimuru also decided to bring only Ranga and Shion. He does not want to be too showy, but will try to participate in a peaceful manner. Benimaru suggested to Rimuru that he wanted to form a subjugation team to attack Clayman's (Kleiman) castle. Although reluctant, Rimuru still agreed to let his subordinates do what

Prediction for spoiler Kengan Omega chap 88: Using Tai Chi, “Great Snake” Liu VS “Dragon King” Ryuki

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Prediction for the Kengan Omega chap 88, chapter 87 summary: After Naidan's death, the score between Kengan and Purgatory is 2-3. With the determination of revenge filled with anger, will there be a special match between "Great Snake" Liu Dongcheng and "Dragon King" Ryuki? Summary of content Kengan Omega chapter 87 In the ending of Kengan Omega Chapter 86, Ryuki had to kill his ability to avoid being strangled by Naidan to death. With all his strength, Ryuki used his thumb to stab Naidan's neck, causing him to bleed a lot of blood. Thinking that "Falcon" would break its wings here, Naidan did an act to confuse all readers. Ryuki's stab was not enough to defeat him, but Naidan still intentionally energized Ryuki, pressing "Dragon King" deep inside. Liu saw that, becoming extremely pan

Spoiler One Piece Chapter 997: Zoro defeats Apoo. Kaido lifted Onigashima Island to Hoa Do

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The latest and most accurate spoiler for One Piece chap 997. As expected from the end of One Piece chapter 996, Sanji ran away as soon as he heard a strange sound from the woman. He encounters Black Maria and is captured by her. After a while of chasing Zoro caught Apoo. The two fight each other. Seeing Kiku's arm falling from above, Zoro showed an angry expression. With a single Sword move, Zoro easily put Apoo on the counter and then took the antidote from him. Chopper took the medicine and figured out a way to solve the "Ice Demon". Realizing Apoo's uselessness, the Queen rushed to attack Chopper but was stopped by Zoro. Marco appeared. He asked if Robin and Zoro needed any help. On the other hand, Yamato said something about "sacred fire". On the side of Kaido, the Yonko m

Dragon Ball Super spoiler prediction 67: Moro is destroyed, Goku’s new journey begins

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Prediction for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67, summary of chapter 66 content: The war with Moro ends. Next, new and more powerful enemies will appear! Goku will also have a new transformation form! Summary of Dragon Ball Super chapter 66 In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65, Goku "transcended" Moro to eat magic beans, helping him recover 100% of his strength. The villain then copied Merus's power and became one with Earth. To destroy him, the Earth will disappear too! Moro attacks Goku. With Perfect Ultra Instinct, Goku is easily fended off. However, he doesn't know how to defeat Moro. Realizing the situation was out of control, Beerus had to lend a hand. It will be very bad if the Earth is destroyed. Besides, Beerus also didn't want to be ugly in front of the other Gods of Destruction. He fl